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Stepaniv Oil Plant

The best taste and aroma of sunflower!
100% natural oil of the highest grade from selected seeds



We are Stepaniv Oil Plant! We are located in the Chernihiv region, on the territory of Komariv community, Nizhyn district. The Stepaniv oil plant is engaged in the production of unrefined cold and hot pressed oil of the best quality, which is confirmed by quality certificates.
Sunflower seeds, which we use in the production of our oil, carefully go through all stages of cleaning and drying, which allows us to obtain a high-quality product for consumption in food, in the manufacture of cosmetics and for other medical purposes. Oil is the most used product in the human diet, so we pay a lot of attention to the quality and taste of our product.
The fertile land of Chernihiv provides an opportunity to obtain highly effective sunflower seeds, which are the basis for our oil.
We are proud to be a part of the oil traditions of our region and the Motherland.
Try our oil and you will forever love the rich taste of this product.



The best varieties of sunflower seeds come to our warehouse from the field, which are dried in our own drying room. As a result, we get balanced sunflower seeds of the highest grade, ready for the next stage of sunflower oil production
The quality of sunflower oil depends on the quality of sunflower seeds received for processing, the terms and conditions of seed storage before pressing. The main quality characteristics for sunflower seeds are oiliness, moisture, and maturity.
Pressing (production) of sunflower oil. We use pressing, which is a more ecological way of making oil. As a rule, before pressing, the pulp is heated at 100-110°C in roasters, while mixing and moistening. Then the fried pulp is squeezed in screw presses. The special taste of the oil after hot pressing is reminiscent of toasted sunflower seeds.
The oil has a rich taste and color, a pleasant aroma and can be used in food technology and cosmetology.


High quality products
Refined taste qualities of the oil
Reasonable price
High quality of service - from order receipt to shipment
An individual approach to each client


The Stepaniv Oil Plant has a confirmed Sunflower Oil Quality Certificate. According to him, the oil is produced according to the necessary technologies, the products are allowed for food consumption and for use in the cosmetology industry. Certification was carried out in accordance with State quality standards. Our oil is a certified product with high quality and taste characteristics.



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